I think I can, I think I can, ooops!

Last night was my first hill-training night. We do a 3k run, but include in that 4x400m hills (which don’t count as part of the 3 k, so essentially we run to the hill, run up the hill, then run one block to the next intersection where we turn and go down the hill turn again and go back to the base of the hill and then run up again. Repeat until we’ve done the hill 4 times, then run back to the store). I was able to run up the hill twice, then I got tunnel vision and couldn’t hear anything and my trainer caught me just before I hit the ground. She said “Stop.” I said, “I only need to catch my breath.” She said. “No, you need to stop”. So we compromised. I walked while the rest of the group ran.

I felt horrible. I could not figure out what was wrong. I mean, I’m not superwoman, but generally speaking, as long as I take whatever challenge I have put before myself steadily and slowly, I can usually do it. Such and unexpected and complete failure to meet this challenge had me thinking that maybe I just can’t do this. Maybe I’m not young enough/fit enough/trying hard enough. Maybe running 10k is an outrageous goal for me. Maybe I just cannot do this.

I must have expressed some of this aloud because next thing you know I hear my trainer saying: “Nope, that’s not it. You are strong. You run well. We have people older than you who can do this. You can do this. Just not tonight. You are having a bad night. That’s it. Not completing 800 m is not going to affect anything in the grand scheme of things.”

They were sensible words, but I was not entirely convinced and spent the rest of the evening pretty much moping about and second guessing my commitment to running.

 But then, this morning, I woke up in the throes of a full-on cold/flu.  Scratchy throat, congested nasal passages, headache, and in general, just plain old achy everywhere. But I gotta say, I also feel pretty darn happy. My trainer was right. It was just an off night. I CAN do this!

Sometimes, our own minds are our own worst enemies.

Hank bought a bus…

this blog tells the on going story of an Architectural student named Hank who got tired of drawing conceptual designs for imaginary clients, so he bought a bus and converted it into a very sweet, minimalist, tiny house. Them he started driving across the US in it. Very cool!

Air cleaners

So… I recently read an article about how risky indoor air can be, especially in long cold winters when everything is wrapped up tight. I know it’s still summer, but, and I cannot believe I’m about to actually say this, Winter is Coming! Ha!

So I’ve prepared. Not by sharpening my swords, or buying an army of castrated slaves (?!) [apologies to those of you, who unlike me, have managed to avoid falling into the Games of Thrones series] but by buying two rather large air cleaning ferns.

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A simple guide to becoming a minimalist

Earlier today I posted a now deleted gush I wrote about a book that I thought was geared toward helping us understand why it is we buy more than what we need so that we could stop buying more than what we need.  But much to my chagrin, as I read further (lesson, read the whole darn thing before you promote it!), I realized the goal of the book was to instruct product developers, marketers, and sales people understand why we buy more so they could capitalize on it and get us to buy even more and more and more!


Now, this guy, (i read the whole post and several more on his site: when I learn a lesson I learn a lesson!) is really trying to help us buy and own less. I love this. Check it out! (and please accept my apologies if you read the previous before I deleted it and started wondering what had happened to me. It’s all good now. Lesson learned!)

Here’s the link:


Colour run!

Tomorrow morning, 9:00. Should be buckets of fun!

Decluttering? Ha!

I haven’t posted in a little over a year now, and quite frankly I am not entirely clear about why I’m posting now. My best guess is that my newly hatched plan to build and live in a Tiny House has me energized, excited, and exuberant. I’m all eeeee !

Tonight I am struck by an irony that i just have to write about. The past several weeks have seen me put the beginnings of my Tiny House plan into effect by downsizing. De cluttering. Getting rid of things I do not need, do not use, or can find ways of living without. At the same time, I’m trying to explore ways of reducing what I buy. For some time now, for years, really, I’ve been bringing my lunch to work everyday in reusable containers. This is not new. My kids, now grown, like to recall how I tortured them by forcing them to cut open and wash the bags our milk came in and to use them to pack their sandwiches for their school lunches. They had no quarrel with the concept, they just hated washing and drying the smelly milk bags. I totally got that, but for the good of the environment…

Nowadays, I don’t drink milk, nor do I eat much bread (how things change!), and instead I eat HUGE salads. Yummy salads! And, since we now know plastic is not so safe ( sorry, kids! Who knew?!), I’ve bought lovely and, incidentally, incredibly heavy glass containers for carrying my lunches back and forth. I have developed serious upper body strength lugging them around, I kid you not!

Lately, though, I have found myself dreading the prospect of carrying all that heavy glass. I don’t think it’s entirely my imagination that my bike tends to lean towards whichever side the panier holding my lunch happens to be on! So, tonight I decided to do something about it, and googled lunch containers. And I found some. Lovely, light, stainless steel to-go tiffin buckets with it’s own completely recycled cotton carry bag. Listed right next to that set was super light “bambu” cutlery with its long lasting, totally biodegradable, and cleanable cork cover (and I wasn’t even looming for cutlery but there it was in all it’s environmentally appropriate glory! Who could resist?) and right beside that, abeego resusable, washable, and also long lasting cloth/wax/resin food wrapper. (You can find all this and more at Fenigo, but if you click on that link you can’t say I didn’t warn you!)

So now I have a full set of litter-less, reusable and super environmentally friendly lunch paraphernalia. So. What to do with all the heavy glass containers? It’s not really a problem since I do tend to run low at grocery time (I use them to keep food in my fridge and cupboards as I haven’t bought plastic wrap or tinfoil in over a decade either.) But, and now we’re back to the ironic part, it does seem odd that I’m decluttering and acquiring all at the same time, and all in the name of sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

This downsizing is clearly going to be a bit of a challenge for me.


“Man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much – the wheel, New York, wars and so on – whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. but conversely, the dolphins had always believed they were far more intelligent than man – for precisely the same reasons.”

Douglas Adams


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