Bento Salad

I know, it’s not really bento, but it is very bento-ish…



Mediterranean Bento

Today’s bento: brown basmati rice, cucumber/tomato/black olive salad, falafel. All nestled in lettuce “cups” onside my brand-new bento box, un-varnished cedar box from Japan.


My first Bento lunch

I’ve been inspired by Just, who writes about all things bento. The idea of packing little nutritious and aesthetically pleasing lunches has huge appeal to me. I’ve been reading about Bento all day, and have even ordered my own magawappa bento box and chopsticks.

I have even created my own first albeit very simple bento lunch consisting of Quinoa Lime/pepper salad and a modified Greek salad, with two romaine leaves doubling as food holders and dividers. As i don’t yet have a proper bento box, I used a round tupperware container for this first attempt.


I shall take this little lunch on my bike ride tomorrow. My bento test. Hope it holds up to all the jostling it’s sure to receive!(Not sure why this photo is so blurry, and it’s frustrating since a blurry photo of a bento lunch seems ironic given that visual appeal is part of the whole point of bento to begin with. Clearly, I’m just a beginner at this!).