listening to the sounds of summer

I’m fighting off some stomach bug or other so I’m laying low today, just resting and letting my body take care of itself. And I must admit, I kinda don’t mind not being able to do much right now. The last two days were unusually hot and humid… temperatures were in the low 30s (celcius, that is) and the humidity was high enough that the weather people were telling us if really felt like 38 (and why they just don’t say it’s 38 instead of saying “it feels like” is a mystery to me!).

The temps finally dropped down to a more reasonable 26 today. Everyone is outside, and I am just loving the sounds of summer out my window…

1 Leaves rustling in the breeze

2 birdsong (probably singing to celebrate the passing of the heat wave!)

3 the spraying of a waterhose

4 hammering nails (someone is building something! a deck?)

4 kids playing

5 the whizzzzz of bikes flying by

6 neighbours greeting one another

7 someone somewhere is practicing scales on a piano

8 someone else is tuning a guitar

9 and yet another someone is playing a flute! I hope they all three start to play together!

10 and the occasional blast of music as someone drives by with volume turned waaayyyyy up!

It’s summer. And I love it!


Streetwise StreetFilms

I just discovered this site, which consists of a collection of videos that document “liveable streets worldwide”. Many of the videos have to do with what it looks like to have bike friendly cities (there’s one on the new bike paths on the bridge in Vancouver) and there’s this one… (which won’t embed, but it’s worth the extra effort to follow the link, you won’t be sorry!)

Check it out. The recent oil spill should have us all thinking about how we can lessen our reliance on fossil-fueled transport. These videos have some darn cool ideas about how to make that happen!