Saturday morning market…

cafe au lait, apple/pear/caramel crepes, stilt-walker-flute-player… delightful morning at the market!


Vegan eating

I just read a news report that a certain brand of flour has just been recalled for having excessive amounts of nutrients. Apparently far too much of something was added. I’m increasingly uncomfortable with eating pre-prepared foods, I just can’t see how factory-type handling of grains, fruits, veggies, etc, can be any better than the factory-type handling of animals is.  So, now I am trying to eat mostly things that haven’t been tampered with. Not easy, especially living as I do, in the land of ice and snow!

Luckily we have a great farmer’s market which I believe will be open until the end of this month. six months of the year isn’t bad! It’ll be interesting to track my efforts over the winter.

What I made today:

Green bean almondine (with balsamic vinegar, recipe from Vegetarian Times)
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup, also from Vegetarian Times, but minus the vegetable stock as I find there is a richer taste without watering it down at all, plus I like a chunkier soup.
And for desert… vegan pumpkin pie, recipe from Cooking Vegetarian! Very simple, elegant, yummy pie. One of my favourites, and just perfect for Canadian Thanksgiving.