Pictures of the flowers that appeared on my hibiscus this week.

And of the lemon plant I’ve started from seed… I love summer 😉


Spring! Everywhere spring!

I just came back from a long ramble around Outremont and noticed, much to my delight, that there are buds and blooms starting up all over: I saw crocuses, leaf buds on small hedges and bushes, green shoots from all kinds of bulbs pushing up all over.

When I got home, I found two more delights! First, the hibiscus I have that stays green year round had bloomed it’s first flower of the season. How wonderful is that! The flower is so high up I hadn’t even noticed the bud. A complete and rather wonderful surprise.
That inspired me to get take a closer look at
another hibiscus I have, one that loses it’s leaves in fall and grows them back again in spring, and lo and behold, it’s got buds all over! I truly wasn’t sure what that plant was going to do come spring since this is my first spring with it. I can’t wait to see how it greens up…