I’m in process of sewing a dress and matching short-sleeved jacket each for Maliyah and Aris. I haven’t sewn anything in many years, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, and while I will admit I’ve had to rip out stitches a couple of times, it’s going quite well and I’m actually enjoying it! I just realized that the jackets are supposed to be lined, which I didn’t know when I bought the material. Luckily I got too much of the dress material, so I’ll line the jackets with that. With any luck, they’ll be reversable

Here’s the material I’m using for Maliyah’s dress and jacket. You might notice that I’m pretty far along on the dress: bodice is complete, along with back ties and shoulder straps and the skirt is sewn on. All that’s left now are buttonholes, the bottom hem, and attaching shoulder straps to the back (and since the girls are on the opposite side of the continent, I have to guess at how long to make them, hope someone on the other end can fix them if I guess badly!).

And here is Aris’: her jacket will be plain, no bottom border, but she’ll have three ribbons (red, yellow, and black) running across the bottom of the dress.
I can’t wait to see them on the girls…