Hank bought a bus…

this blog tells the on going story of an Architectural student named Hank who got tired of drawing conceptual designs for imaginary clients, so he bought a bus and converted it into a very sweet, minimalist, tiny house. Them he started driving across the US in it. Very cool!


A simple guide to becoming a minimalist

Earlier today I posted a now deleted gush I wrote about a book that I thought was geared toward helping us understand why it is we buy more than what we need so that we could stop buying more than what we need.  But much to my chagrin, as I read further (lesson, read the whole darn thing before you promote it!), I realized the goal of the book was to instruct product developers, marketers, and sales people understand why we buy more so they could capitalize on it and get us to buy even more and more and more!


Now, this guy, (i read the whole post and several more on his site: when I learn a lesson I learn a lesson!) is really trying to help us buy and own less. I love this. Check it out! (and please accept my apologies if you read the previous before I deleted it and started wondering what had happened to me. It’s all good now. Lesson learned!)

Here’s the link: