Summer bicycling plans

Whooo hooo! Just spent my lunch hour (yes, a rather late-in-the-day lunch hour, but lunch hour just the same…) signing up for three summer bike challenges with Vélo Québec.

I’m already registered for the Tour d’Ile and Tour la nuit, and am seriously considering either a tour of Scotland or of PEI later in the summer.

It’s a cloudy dark dreary raining day today, but I am so looking forward to getting back into the saddle for some serious rides this summer! I did one longish road bike ride early Friday morning while my visiting family slept and breakfasted, and tomorrow I begin commuting with my city bike again. I love, love, love summer!


Crazy, busy, moving!

Last Monday I had to dig my car out of a banked up wall of heavy wet snow, two days later we were all wearing short sleeves outside, eating on terraces, and opening the windows at night because it had gotten so warm. It stayed like that for 5 days, and for the last two, we’ve been having more typical spring weather (now we’ve put light jackets over our short sleeves, we’re still eating on terraces, but the windows are closed at night!).

I’ve been busy packing and getting ready for my move which begins tomorrow evening when I get a refresher tour of all amenities and then move in a few loose odds and ends that won’t make it into boxes before the movers arrive Friday morning (loose ends like my TV and stereo, that is!)

And, I’m beginning to count down the days to the Montreal bike festival!