Crazy, busy, moving!

Last Monday I had to dig my car out of a banked up wall of heavy wet snow, two days later we were all wearing short sleeves outside, eating on terraces, and opening the windows at night because it had gotten so warm. It stayed like that for 5 days, and for the last two, we’ve been having more typical spring weather (now we’ve put light jackets over our short sleeves, we’re still eating on terraces, but the windows are closed at night!).

I’ve been busy packing and getting ready for my move which begins tomorrow evening when I get a refresher tour of all amenities and then move in a few loose odds and ends that won’t make it into boxes before the movers arrive Friday morning (loose ends like my TV and stereo, that is!)

And, I’m beginning to count down the days to the Montreal bike festival!


Change’ll do you… good?

This is my life, in transition, yet again. I like that this picture insisted on loading sideways despite my efforts to get it to load right side up. I think having it all topsy-turvey is actually a much better representation of what’s actually going on.

Because, for the third time in as many years, I’m packing to move. At least this move involves a distance of only a few blocks: the first of this series of moves involved transporting me and my stuff from one end of Washington State to the other, and the second brought me from that end of the continent clear across to the base of the St. Laurence where the island that is Montreal nestles itself. And with each of those moves I have parted ways with as many friends, colleagues, ways of living and doing and thinking as I did the furniture, books, clothes, memorabilia that had come to characterize and define my life. Those last two moves were very much transitions… steps along a path that brought me from one space to another, and while they were good steps, ones that I wanted to take and that I knew were important and positive and healthy, they’ve still been very challenging and very hard and even kinda lonely since when you get right down to it, as much as everyone is able to pitch in and help schlep things around and find new places to live and shop and eat, only you can decide what you absolutely need to keep and what you can let go of. And then once you decide that, you have to follow through and that can be interesting too! And don’t you just hate it when you think you let go of something only to find out that you didn’t quite? (Now why does that bring up images of shoes and toilet paper?)

I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and with the places they’ve brought me to. I’m going to be so much happier when I move into that new condo with the five appliances (commerical washers are not my friend!) and ohmigosh a real dedicated parking spot where I can leave my car with no fears that it will be buried by not-very-human plows or ticketed because I didn’t make it back in time to move it back to the other side of street because you can’t leave it where it is between the hours of 9 and 10 am on Lundi et Mercredi.

Merde! Montreal is great for music, food, people, parks, film, and fireworks, but, man oh man, it sucks for parking cars.

Speaking of change… I just took this photo, same view as the one I took a few days ago in the middle of our two day sleet-fest. Note, that although the snow/sleet only stopped falling yesterday, it’s already all melted away. Most inspiring, though, was the sight of all the brave (and somewhat chilly) people sitting out on the few terraces that the occassional restaurant was optimistic enough to open this afternoon. See, the seasons will change. Summer will come.