Montreal WebCam

Links to 4 Webcams, each in a different area of Montreal. If you were looking at any of them today, you would have seen wet slush snow. And probably a couple people sprawled out on the ground as the result of having tried to walk around in it. I can’t decide if I should wear my wool coat or my rain coat, my winter boots or my rain boots! I need a set of hybrid outwear —


Waist deep

Yesterday it was -5 celcius (-14 with the wind chill) and today it is -3 (-10 with the wind chill). This is cold. Very cold. And it has been very cold for a very long time. And look … that long brownish thing by Nigel’s boot is the top of a park bench… not the seat of a part bench, no, no, this is the top of the backrest on a park bench. Nigel and I did not realize the snow was that deep (the back of a park bench comes up to what — my waist?) until we saw this. We stood awestruck for a minute. Because that is a whole heck of a lot of snow!

This was taken two weeks ago, and while the snow has begun to melt, it won’t be melting very fast if the temperatures stay this cold! Montreal really does get the worst weather. Don’t get me wrong. I love the city. It’s just that I don’t care for winter quite as much. At least not this much winter…

Snow (again!)

It’s snowing, again. Big wet sloppy clumps of snow have been falling since noon. This morning I walked to work in my shoes because there was no snow, and noticed that that there were already some perenials starting to appear in gardens here and there — and then this afternoon I shloshed home in ankle deep slush while the heavy wet clumps falling from the sky nearly collapsed the umbrella that was keeping at least the top parts of me kinda dry.

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for some time (since I read so many it seems only right I should contribute something as well!) The snow has melted twice already, but it keeps coming back. On April 1, the day that the bike paths in Montreal open up again, the roads were so bare and the weather so mild I wore relatively light bike gear and went for a long(ish) ride.

What I really wanted to write about for this first post is the reason for the rather cliche name I’ve given this blog, but that’ll have to wait while I go make hot chocolate and watch the snow clumps cover the city.

I took this photo just one hour ago…