First buds of spring!

1. I’ve turned the heat off in my apartment (yes, it’s a bit cold but that’s what fleece is for!)

2. The sun is still out at the end of the workday.

3. Birdsong! Birdsong in the morning when I walk to work, birdsong during lunch hour when I sneak out to enjoy some sun, and birdsong when I walk home at the end of the day.

4. green things, popping up in people’s yards all over. Like this, below, taken with my iPhone on the way home from work this evening …

And seeing those little buds peeping through (in mid-March, no less!!) makes me very,very happy 😉


Spring! Everywhere spring!

I just came back from a long ramble around Outremont and noticed, much to my delight, that there are buds and blooms starting up all over: I saw crocuses, leaf buds on small hedges and bushes, green shoots from all kinds of bulbs pushing up all over.

When I got home, I found two more delights! First, the hibiscus I have that stays green year round had bloomed it’s first flower of the season. How wonderful is that! The flower is so high up I hadn’t even noticed the bud. A complete and rather wonderful surprise.
That inspired me to get take a closer look at
another hibiscus I have, one that loses it’s leaves in fall and grows them back again in spring, and lo and behold, it’s got buds all over! I truly wasn’t sure what that plant was going to do come spring since this is my first spring with it. I can’t wait to see how it greens up…

Crazy, busy, moving!

Last Monday I had to dig my car out of a banked up wall of heavy wet snow, two days later we were all wearing short sleeves outside, eating on terraces, and opening the windows at night because it had gotten so warm. It stayed like that for 5 days, and for the last two, we’ve been having more typical spring weather (now we’ve put light jackets over our short sleeves, we’re still eating on terraces, but the windows are closed at night!).

I’ve been busy packing and getting ready for my move which begins tomorrow evening when I get a refresher tour of all amenities and then move in a few loose odds and ends that won’t make it into boxes before the movers arrive Friday morning (loose ends like my TV and stereo, that is!)

And, I’m beginning to count down the days to the Montreal bike festival!

Snow (again!)

It’s snowing, again. Big wet sloppy clumps of snow have been falling since noon. This morning I walked to work in my shoes because there was no snow, and noticed that that there were already some perenials starting to appear in gardens here and there — and then this afternoon I shloshed home in ankle deep slush while the heavy wet clumps falling from the sky nearly collapsed the umbrella that was keeping at least the top parts of me kinda dry.

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for some time (since I read so many it seems only right I should contribute something as well!) The snow has melted twice already, but it keeps coming back. On April 1, the day that the bike paths in Montreal open up again, the roads were so bare and the weather so mild I wore relatively light bike gear and went for a long(ish) ride.

What I really wanted to write about for this first post is the reason for the rather cliche name I’ve given this blog, but that’ll have to wait while I go make hot chocolate and watch the snow clumps cover the city.

I took this photo just one hour ago…