Oh Canada! (It’s all relative)

I’m documenting, right here and right now, the fact that on this day, July 12th 2010, I find the temperature of 23 degrees celcius (73.4 farenheit) to be refreshingly COOL, almost chilly, in fact. And the reason I’m documenting this is because I am quite certain that at some point this coming winter, I will be saying that I find -15 or even -23 degrees celcius to be downright BALMY!

This weather schizophrenia is what comes of living in a land of extreme hot and extreme cold.

Canada. What a country! What an experience!


listening to the sounds of summer

I’m fighting off some stomach bug or other so I’m laying low today, just resting and letting my body take care of itself. And I must admit, I kinda don’t mind not being able to do much right now. The last two days were unusually hot and humid… temperatures were in the low 30s (celcius, that is) and the humidity was high enough that the weather people were telling us if really felt like 38 (and why they just don’t say it’s 38 instead of saying “it feels like” is a mystery to me!).

The temps finally dropped down to a more reasonable 26 today. Everyone is outside, and I am just loving the sounds of summer out my window…

1 Leaves rustling in the breeze

2 birdsong (probably singing to celebrate the passing of the heat wave!)

3 the spraying of a waterhose

4 hammering nails (someone is building something! a deck?)

4 kids playing

5 the whizzzzz of bikes flying by

6 neighbours greeting one another

7 someone somewhere is practicing scales on a piano

8 someone else is tuning a guitar

9 and yet another someone is playing a flute! I hope they all three start to play together!

10 and the occasional blast of music as someone drives by with volume turned waaayyyyy up!

It’s summer. And I love it!

Things to do on a rainy Saturday…

It’s a dreary day here in Montreal, and I have a cold so am housebound. What to do? Here are some options…

1. Eat chocolate (always a good thing to do!)

2. Drink honey-lemon tea

3. re-read The Hobbit

4. Start reading Neil Gaiman’s _American Gods_, the likely choice of the one book on twitter project

5. Listen to some of this …

5. Catch up on the new Doctor Who

6. Watch some of this…

7. and take the occasional nap!

The weather Quebec is NOT having today …

I feel for all the people in Newfoundland who are still reeling after a 48 hour ice storm that hit them a couple days back. We’re experiencing the exact opposite weather here (sun, sun, sun, and +5 celcius – absolutely balmy!), and even while I am enjoying it, I am very much aware this is rather unusual weather for this time of year!

All my best to the good folk in Newfoundland, I do hope your power is back up soon, and kinder weather follows quickly!

Ice-laden power lines near Conception Bay North, N.L., on Saturday. About 7,000 customers remained without power in northeastern Newfoundland on Sunday after a severe ice storm hit the area Friday.

(VIA cbc.ca)

Crazy, busy, moving!

Last Monday I had to dig my car out of a banked up wall of heavy wet snow, two days later we were all wearing short sleeves outside, eating on terraces, and opening the windows at night because it had gotten so warm. It stayed like that for 5 days, and for the last two, we’ve been having more typical spring weather (now we’ve put light jackets over our short sleeves, we’re still eating on terraces, but the windows are closed at night!).

I’ve been busy packing and getting ready for my move which begins tomorrow evening when I get a refresher tour of all amenities and then move in a few loose odds and ends that won’t make it into boxes before the movers arrive Friday morning (loose ends like my TV and stereo, that is!)

And, I’m beginning to count down the days to the Montreal bike festival!