Audience participation

All concerts should have a least one number like this:

(and for the curious, Day 4 of caffeine withdrawal, and so far so good… still hanging in — maybe a little less spacey today, definitely less head-achy though this afternoon I wanted a cappuccino something awful — but I didn’t cave 😉


Day 3 (caffeine withdrawal)


Headache, sleepy, difficulty concentrating, grumbly tummy …

Fun stuff, this withdrawal process. If any of you ever see me inhaling, drinking, swallowing, snorting, or eating anything that’s even vaguely addictive in the future, please just bonk me in head and take whatever substance it is away from me. I always end up addicted to addictive things (go figure!) and getting rid of those addictions after is A LOT OF WORK, and UNPLEASANT. And I don’t want to have to do this ever again!

And just for the record, I’m not quitting caffeine for any virtuous reason. No. Not at all. I like coffee. It just turns out I’m allergic to caffeine. That means no coffee, no tea (not even that $21 bag of white needle tea I bought recently) and … prepare for it … NO CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!


Does that seem fair to you?!